Our century of experience speaks for itself...
The Schneider’s Seal of Approval.

Our number one priority is to provide you with
the finest, freshest seafood available.

We want you to know just how we accomplish

1. Our work begins before any fish is caught. We are out in the field, or on the docks, with those we do business with. It is that relationship that allows us to put the Schneider’s Seal of Approval on our seafood. We take special care to work with purveyors who have the same commitment to excellence as we do. We guarantee the care and handling of the fish is first-rate.

2. Schneider’s team in Boston, Massachusetts then inspects all fresh fish and seafood. We ensure our seafood is stored properly at the right temperature. The seafood is then transported to our state-of-the-art facility in Buffalo, New York in our own refrigerated trucks.

3. When the seafood arrives in Buffalo, our experienced team once again checks for quality, temperature and grading.

4. All fish is hand-cut, never machine-cut. It is then checked again for quality before it is packed.

5. After given the Schneider’s Seal of Approval, all seafood is cut and delivered within four to six hours.

Schneider’s Premium Seafood

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