Seafood Wholesaler in Buffalo & Rochester

  • Fish

    Looking for the freshest fish to serve at your restaurant? Schneider’s Seafood + Meats provides you with a wide range of options:
    Norwegian Salmon Fillets
    Haddock Fillets
    Alaskan Cod Fillets
    Halibut Fillets
    Chilean Sea Bass Fillets
    Swordfish Loins
    #1 Tuna Loins
    Grouper Fillets, Snapper Fillets and more!

    We specialize in shipping fish quickly, so all orders are as fresh as possible. We also make sure to scale, gut, and cut fish so the only thing you’ll need to worry about is how to serve it.

  • Clams, Mussels & Oysters

    If you want to add shellfish to your restaurant's menu, you’ve come to the right place.

    Schneider’s Seafood + Meats offers a large variety of premium oysters, mussels and clams. We buy directly from harvesters near and far to deliver the freshest possible selection directly to your door.

  • Lobster, Crab & Shrimp

    Schneider’s Seafood + Meats offers many different varieties and sizes of lobster tails, live lobsters, king crab legs, crab clusters, pasteurized crab meat and shrimp. Steve and Brian Perelstein's combined experience in the seafood industry has taught them when to take positions on certain products at the very best times, thus minimizing supply shortages and huge price fluctuations. Having inventory available year-round for our customers is a top priority.

Leading Seafood Wholesaler for Buffalo & Rochester

When you’ve been in the seafood industry for as long as we have, you learn a few things. That’s why we make it a priority to provide our customers with top-quality seafood and superior customer service, all at a competitive price.

It’s why we send our tractor trailers 500 miles to Boston so we can bring shipments of the finest and freshest seafood from the dock all the way to your door. It’s also why we control the shipping environment in our temperature-controlled trucks and watch over every aspect of our shipments, so we can react quickly to last-minute needs.

If you’re in a jam, we’ll hustle to get your delivery to you when you need it. We also scale, gut and cut whole fish, so when your chef receives the fish their only concern will be how to cook it to perfection.

We’ve proudly serviced the food industry for over 100 years and have been a HACCP-Certified seafood processor since 1997. Call or email us today to speak with a representative about which species are fresh and available, and how you can become a new customer of Schneider’s Seafood + Meats.

Also Available

  • Haddock Fillets
  • Alaskan Cod Fillets
  • Ocean Perch Fillets
  • Sole Fillets
  • Domestic 10oz. Whole Trout
  • Catfish Fillets
  • Tilapia Fillets
  • Ahi Tuna Loins #1
  • Tuna Loins 2+
  • Hawaiian Tombo Loins
  • Swordfish Loins
  • Chilean Seabass Fillets
  • Hawaiian Blue Marlin

  • Norwegian Salmon Fillets
  • Faroe Salmon Fillets
  • Day Boat Monk Fish Tails
  • Cleaned Squid Rings & Tentacles
  • Hawaiian Wahoo Loins
  • Halibut Fillets
  • Escolar Fillets
  • Red Snapper Fillets
  • Dry Sea Scallops
  • Bay Scallops
  • Scallop Pieces
  • Whole Atlantic Salmon

  • Shell Fish
  • Top Neck Clams
  • Middle Neck Clams
  • Little Neck Clams
  • Mahogany Clams
  • Prince Edward Island Mussels
  • Maine Wild Mussels
  • Bluepoint Shell Oysters
  • Live Lobsters ALL SIZES

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